Join the A+ Team!

One of the biggest challenges facing American families today is caring for and teaching their children while the parents work. The number of working parents is increasing and so is the demand for child care and preschool professionals.

Join the A+ team! A+ Subs Inc. is looking for qualified substitute teachers, teachers assistants and activity leaders to work for preschools and after school programs in San Diego and the North County areas. A+ Subs Inc. schedules their subs around their classes and prior commitments. We offer convenient flexible hours and we will assign your jobs close to your home or school.

A+ Subs Inc. teachers and aides enjoy the rewards and accept the responsibilities involved in working with young children:

This means that you now have two options:


To apply, you need to be at least 18 years of age. To schedule an appointment, call us. Be sure to bring the following to your interview:

Together, we will review your paperwork and help you with everything you need to qualify you for work.

Our Pay Schedule



(no child development units required)



(12 child development units required, or 6 units completed & 6 units enrolled)

Activity Leaders


(with CAPE test or 48 college units complete)

Permit Teachers


(only at permit schools)